5 Ways to Improve Your Copy on Landing Pages

Landing page, sales page, donation page…these all have a common goal: Get the reader to take some sort of action.

The question is: How do ya get them to do that?

Let’s look at a few proven ways you can fine-tune your copy on these pages to make them more effective (for yourself, or for clients.)

1. Open boldly

Right at the top of the page, you need a header that grabs the reader. You can do this by addressing a pain point, speaking to an obtainable end goal, or just by posing a question the reader wants answered.

Don’t waste this precious real estate with a boring title or company logo. The very first thing a reader encounters at the top of a landing page should be part of the path toward conversion.

2. Minimize distraction

As the reader moves down the page, there shouldn’t be multiple paths for conversion that ask the reader to do several different things. Each landing page needs to have a singular goal with no distractions that can confuse a reader and keep them from moving toward taking action.

Eliminate all of the distractions that can get in the way your one goal, and then make sure your copy is all working toward encouraging the reader to follow through.

Once you’ve done this, test different copywriting formulas and see which produces the highest conversion rate.

3. Talk about benefits, not features

I didn’t buy a new vacuum because it had a washable HEPA filter--I bought it because it was top-rated for sucking up dog hair, which is a major pain point in my life. (The dog hair, I mean. There’s so much of it. But look at that face!)

The point is: Instead of wasting your reader’s time with feature-speak, tell them the benefits of your offering’s features. Tell them what pain points you can solve. Tell them how you can make life simpler, easier, and less stressful. Period.

4. Leverage microcopy

Your call to action button probably works pretty well on its own, but putting microcopy around it can make it even more effective.

What’s microcopy? It’s the little text around buttons that tells a reader a bit more information about what happens when the button is clicked. You can help readers overcome obstacles to conversion with an arrow and microcopy that says “Click here to get started” or “30-day money-back guarantee.”

Help break down the walls to conversion by using this little extra bit of copy to answer questions, to overcome objections, and to nudge readers toward taking action.

5. Include social proof

Last, be sure you have other people backing up your claims of awesomeness. Include testimonials, customer reviews, stats on customer satisfaction--you name it. The more the merrier in this department. All of these elements of social proof boost the credibility of your copy.

Just keep in mind that these often belong below the fold on your landing page--they’re secondary information. Use them to reinforce your copy (without overpowering your main message.)

Improve Your Copy on Landing Pages

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re writing or revising a conversion-oriented page on your website, and in no time at all, you’ll be getting more click-throughs and converted visitors.

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