Write More Thank You Notes

The art of snail mail is seriously under-utilized these days...but I’m still a big believer.

In fact, for years now, I’ve been sending out handwritten thank you notes to my clients.

I recently partnered with Basic Invite to up my game with custom thank you cards (and you can, too.)

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Business Slow? Try This.

Following up, checking in (whatever you wanna call it) has helped keep my business sustainable (and growing!) over the past five years. And it only takes a few minutes to do.

So how can you do it, too? Even if you have the WORST memory or hate spreadsheets?

There are a few pretty simple options that are free (shoutout to my fellow cheap people!) Let’s look at ‘em.

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Why Tho

In many cases, lots of time and money is being spent on writing/blogging efforts...but no one has taken the time to stop and ask WHY. Namely: WHY are we writing this?

It’s scary that so many people aren’t asking this question. It’s scarier that so many more don’t have a good answer when they do ask it.

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Write Like a Journalist

I don’t really consider myself a journalist anymore.

The good news is: Most days, I still get to wear my journalist hat (which I imagine is a fedora.)

Wearing my journalist [fedora], I become a much better storyteller—and I’m able to quickly connect the dots and draw new, interesting conclusions based on the information I’ve collected. You can do this, too (with or without a fedora.)

Whether it’s telling a client story or writing an interesting blog post, taking a journalistic approach will help you tell better stories that are dripping with ethos.

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In My Briefs

Ever tried writing something without clear direction before? It’s a freakin’ nightmare.

You don’t know who you’re writing for. Or why. Or really what you’re writing about. I’ve been there, and I’ve learned that it just doesn’t work.

That’s why now, I start every writing assignment with a creative brief (which I plop right into the top of the Google Doc for reference as I write.)

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Gettin' Hired (Is Hard To Do)

Getting hired feels really hard sometimes, doesn’t it? Whether it’s for an amazing in-house gig at a company you admire, or a remote job that would eliminate your life-sucking commute each day, or even a freelance opportunity with a dream client—it’s not an easy process.

Not only do you have to stand out from the pile of applicants, but if you do, perchance, get noticed, then you have to dazzle during the interviewing process. So, erm...how do you do that?

I somehow figured out how to do that not once, but *TWICE* not too long after I graduated college.

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Summer Vacation?

For some, the focus is fast growth, authority-building, #MAKEthatMONEY--all the time. Don't get me wrong: I, too, like to #MAKEthatMONEY.

But for me, I want to work efficiently, with clients I really like, on projects I enjoy--and really, that's it. I don't want ALL THE JOBS.  Because I still want some time for "me" stuff.

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