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— Bobby Kim
I get something out of every newsletter and always look forward to them. I like the newsletter length/layout and enjoy the honesty with which you write. You seem to tell it how it is. And you know what? I love the fact you reply to emails!
— Rebecca Thompson
I appreciate the writing and freelancing tips that you blend together with your personal experiences (which often keep me from feeling all alone.) Thank you for the time and effort you invest in your newsletter.
— Charity Gardner
I got a ton of value out of your newsletter on how lonely the freelance life can be. It’s one of those things that really catches you off guard when you first start working from home.
— Doug Patton
The most important thing I’ve gotten from your newsletter is the writing tips.They’ve helped me a lot in improving my content writing skills. I love the way you present your topics.
— Apoorva Dasara
Your writing tips are always helpful. I read your emails to get that reminder/inspiration to keep the personality following in my B2B work. I don’t always notice when I switch into just-get-it-out mode, so you help me re-calibrate.
— Matt Larson
I’ve learned lots of little things from reading your newsletter. For me, it serves as a bit of inspiration.
— Eric Darnell
I love getting your emails. Even now that I’m not freelancing, I still read what you send. You have a nice flow.
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Kaleigh’s newsletter with writing tips is lovely. Highly recommend.
— Emma Siemasko
Great insight and information here for writing nerds. It’s a must-read.
— Jay Stancil
Your newsletter gives me more confidence with every project.
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I love reading this newsletter. I’m excited to be on the list!
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These insights are great. Refreshing, to-the-point, and quirky.
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I have to say, I love this newsletter. Thanks so much for giving great insight and advice for writers and freelancers.
— Nicole Rostecki
Your newsletter is witty, memorable, and always a good read.
— P. Kasman