Juicy, In-Depth Lessons on Creating Effective Copy

Do you see that title? It’s wordy.

Just like the posts I want to share with you today.
Part of my daily work as a freelance writer is putting together long, in-depth pieces on…you guessed it…writing.
Why? Because people want data-backed approaches to writing.

They want to write to drive conversions, to tap into emotions, and to ultimately increase sales.
Great Posts Aren’t Short
When I write a meaty piece of content on these topics, they’re never short. Instead they’re thorough, researched, and loaded with examples.
But, I know not everyone is up for reading 3,000+ words.

That’s why I wanted to condense some of my most helpful articles into short summaries (and then you can decide if you want to read more from there.) We’ll call this the TL;DR edition.
How to Use Scarcity to Increase Sales (as seen on SumoMe)

There’s a simple marketing strategy that has been time tested and has worked over and over again: Scarcity. Here's a quick summary of the tactics I'll cover:

  1. Purchase Countdowns
  2. Sale Price Countdowns
  3. Next-Day Shipping Countdowns
  4. Seasonal Offers
  5. Low Stock Notices
  6. Limited Production (Exclusivity)
  7. Spotlight Customer Behavior
  8. Use Numbers to Indicate Popularity & Demand
  9. Leverage Real-Time Activity

Writing to Activate Mirror Neurons (as seen on CopyHackers)
Mirror neurons make us feel empathy. Learn how:

  1. Scientists studied monkeys to discover them
  2. How they work within the human brain
  3. How to activate them in your copy via character-driven stories

As a result, you’ll consistently increase sales.
Effective Writing Formulas Proven by Psychology (as seen on Kissmetrics)
Need simple, step-by-step formulas to accomplish different psychological effects (like persuasion and trust)? In this post, I outlined seven formulas you can use right away, including:

  1. Illusory Truth
  2. Rhyming
  3. Serial Positioning
  4. Justification
  5. But You Are Free
  6. P.S. Line
  7. Textural Adjectives

This post is a bit shorter this week (so you have more time to read!)

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