Freelancers: Write More Thank You Notes

When’s the last time you got a note in the mail? I mean, something other than a birthday card from your grandma.

It’s probably been a while.

The art of snail mail is seriously under-utilized these days...but I’m still a big believer.

In fact, for years now, I’ve been sending out handwritten thank you notes to my clients.

At the end of a project, I send them a card that essentially says, “Hey, thanks for working with me. I think you’re great. Let’s do this again soon.”

It’s a small gesture that only takes a few minutes and that costs less than a dollar. And guess what? Clients love it.

Because so few people take the time to send a handwritten note these days, this little extra bit of effort really seems to really wow people. It makes them feel special and appreciated...and it’s memorable, too.

Not only does it do wonders for client relationships, but a cute thank you card is something your client can stick to his or her corkboard at work--so you’re always top-of-mind. If that person looks up and sees your nice note, it’s a visual reminder for them to reach back out to you.

That’s why I was so excited when Basic Invite reached out and wanted to partner with me to create some custom thank you cards. (I’d been using generic blank inside cards, so to have something custom-made just for me was VERY cool. That’s some next-level thank you game.)

I wanted to create something that reflected my personality a bit without being too over-the-top, so I chose one of their existing thank you card templates and tweaked it a bit, adding my name and a line about “your (hopefully) favorite writer.”


Simple, but cute.

For the clients that I’ve already thanked this year, I’m thinking about doing some custom holiday cards as well. Maybe I’ll even put a photo of my furry golden co-worker Brooks on there. Because who doesn’t love mail (and dogs)?

Wanna get some custom thank you/holiday cards of your own? Right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code holi30.

In just a few minutes, you can create a custom card with almost unlimited colors to choose from (plus matching envelopes!) and design accents like foil (the rose gold is sooooo pretty.)

Whatchya waiting for? Create your custom card right now.

#Ad disclosure: This post is brought to you in paid partnership with Basic Invite.