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You know, I hate it when you go to an about page and don't learn much about who that person really is. So let's not do that. Here's a bit more about my story and what makes me tick.

I've always been a bit of a multi-tasker. I started my first online business at 19--an Etsy store selling jewelry online--and over the course of five years (while I was in college and into my first job), I was able to learn from that hands-on marketing experimentation about what worked and what didn't. 

During that period, I also worked 35-40+ hours a week at a few different jobs: I was a coffeeshop barista/baker, I worked at a retirement home, for a while I was an optician, and I later interned at a magazine.

Needless to say, I wasn't bored.

But that hard work paid off. I was able to leverage my experience into my first professional job immediately after graduating college. As in, I started the week after I graduated.

For almost three years, I worked full-time as the PR manager for a hunger relief non-profit, which gave me endless opportunities to sharpen my speaking, writing, and marketing skills. I traveled the state doing presentations, designed lots of marketing materials, and wrote the organization's newsletters and email campaigns.

 After a while, I started doing some work on the side (because, you know, I'm not good at sitting still.) I landed a few social media management gigs early on, and later started dipping my toes into the freelance writing world--which I found out I liked more than anything else.

Eventually, I got to the point where I was earning enough to be comfortable leaving my full-time job and giving the freelance world a try. I gave myself 18 months to see how it went.

Guess what? It worked out.

I eventually transitioned into writing about eCommerce and the software that goes with it because it allowed me to put that original business experience I had learned from owning my own shop to good use. Now, I can tell you way more than you'd ever want to know about both topics.

That's my on to some fun facts!

Obscure talents

  • Excellent apple pie-maker

  • Mediocre Spanish-speaker

  • Very poor guitar-player

A few of my favorite things

  • Writers: Patti Smith (Just Kids is my favorite book) and Joan Didion (Blue Nights is my 2nd favorite)

  • TV shows: The Office, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Parks and Rec

  • Movies: Inception, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Adjustment Bureau

  • Music: Varies...check out one of my favorite Spotify playlists

  • Daily use stuff: Here's a list of my favorite things I use every day


  • Travel: Some of my favorite places my husband and I have visited are Cadaques, the Amalfi Coast, and Palm Springs

  • Reading: I typically read 80-100 books per year

  • Nature walks: I went kayaking for the first time this year (and now I'm hooked!)

  • Going to the movies: Movies in theaters are special...and so is popcorn

  • Eating good food: Give me a cheese plate or some fancy ice cream and I'm happy

My pets

  • Brooks, Golden Retriever and all-around good boy

  • Monday, Tabby cat with an attitude

Whatchya been up to?

If you read this and now you want to get in touch and discuss the nuances of Robin William's performance in Mrs. Doubtfire or talk about how great Patti Smith is, shoot me an email (or use the form below), reach out on Twitter, or say hi on Instagram. I also send a newsletter 2x per month that you should check out.

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