Writing Tools

CoSchedule & Trello: A few of the clients I work with use CoSchedule and Trello for managing assignments. Both are fantastic tools that keep things organized and help everyone get on the same page when there are many different moving parts (like images, SEO details, progress updates, etc.)

Thesaurus.com: The best resource I’ve found for synonym hunting. The built-in tools like in programs like MS Word just aren’t comprehensive enough.

Grammarly: Great for catching errors and suggesting improvements that make your writing stronger and more clear. Use the browser extension!

Google Docs: Seems kinda duh, but I use Google Docs--the Google suite, really--on a daily basis. From planning to writing, most of my content lives here. It’s free and cloud-based, which is all I could ever ask for. For those of you who want an outlining tool that’s a bit more robust, I’d recommend Airstory.

Em dash shortcut: If you write in Google Docs and lean on em dashes like I do, this is a godsend.

Freelancing Tools

Wave: I use Wave for all of my invoicing and electronic payment processing. It’s free (aside from the standard payment processing fees), it allows me to brand my invoices, and it helps me track my income with a clean, organized dashboard.

Slack: Another freebie, but great for going back and forth with content teams and fellow freelancers (to fight the lonely feels.) Bonus: It keeps your email inbox a whole lot cleaner.

Squarespace: My website runs through a Squarespace, and was built out by my business partner/husband/bff. It’s super simple to use and update, the hosting is very reasonable, and it’s completely customizable.

Mailchimp: My newsletter runs through Mailchimp because it’s easy to use and it’s free (and I'm cheap.) If you wanna get the most out of it, I’d recommend checking out the ChimpEssentials course.

Zoom: Skype, you’ve failed me one too many times. Zoom is more reliable for video calls, so I’m sticking to it from here on out.

Crowdcast: Easy to use for live video trainings--and it’s affordable. Plus, it’s what most freelancers I work with also use for their live demos/webinars.

Buffer: I don’t schedule any personal social media content, but I have a few retainer clients that I use Buffer with--specifically for scheduling Tweets.

Office Stuff

General items that keep me happy, healthy, and sane during the workday

Helpful blog posts on writing (free!)

Helpful blog posts on freelancing (free!)

Other Freelancing Resources


I believe in transparency, so I want to disclose that some of the included products and links mentioned here are affiliate-based. This allows me to earn a few cents (maybe a little more sometimes) if you decide to purchase something. Keep in mind, though, that I only recommend items I personally stand behind and actually use on a day-to-day basis.