The 2018 Freelancer Gift Guide

🎶These are a few of our favorite things🎶

If you’re on the lookout for some things to upgrade your workspace (or your freelance life in general), you’re in the right place. Paul Jarvis (my Creative Class partner) and I are sharing our favorite office things, books, health gadgets—even snacks and whatnot—because, well…sharing is caring.


Office Things: Kaleigh

The Herman Miller Aeron is notoriously expensive, but for someone who spends a lot of time in said chair and has suffered from a cheap one, this is an investment I don’t regret. PLUS: Deductible expense with a lifetime warranty!

My other big office investment I went all in on was an iMac with a large monitor. I’m in split screens all day, and this monitor keeps me sane. Plus the operating system is so simple and user-friendly. Look at me, bein’ a lil Mac fangirl. Who’d of thought?

Other things I love:

Office Things: Paul

The Herman Miller Embody chair may have to fight Kaleigh’s Aeron for comfort ;) That said, I recommend actually going to a store and trying a bunch of chairs, since all our backs (and butts) are different. I also use the HM Envelop desk which is a perfect amount of space for my iMac and podcasting gear.

Other office things I love:

(We’ll use our initials for the rest of this list so ya know who likes what)


Health Things

  • FitBit: I use this as my alarm clock and activity tracker (it reminds me to get up and move once an hour!) KM

  • Trigger point foam roller: Helps work out the kinks from a tight back after sitting all day. KM

  • Computer glasses: I’m prone to migraines and I opted for lenses that block blue computer light. KM

  • Apple Watch: If you turn of all the notifications and annoyances, it’s a great fitness and sleep tracker. PJ

  • A yoga membership: Just go to a local yoga studio and tell them Paul Jarvis sent you (they’ll have no idea who I am, but it sounded fun to write). PJ

Sleep Things

  • Casper: A good night of sleep is so important, and I am super loving Casper’s new Wave mattress. KM

  • Buffy: This vegan comforter is life-changing. KM

  • Pillows: Just got these pillows and they are like sleeping on clouds. KM

  • Sound machine: I use the rain setting for some white noise. KM

  • Leesa: Mattresses that are like Casper, but with a focus on eco-friendliness. PJ

  • AutoSleep Tracker for Watch: You install this app and it just works without any setup. PJ

Everyday Use

  • Yeti mugs: Because they keep your hot bevvies hot and your cold bevvies cold. PJ

  • Glossier: I don’t usually wear makeup during the week, but when I do, I swear by their natural-looking products. Also home of my all-time favorite perfume! KM

  • This diffuser: Ugh yes I’m on the essential oils bandwagon, DEAL WITH IT. KM

  • Mahabis: The best slippers ever, and the “outdoor” ones are vegan. PJ

  • Original Human: Great serums for winter skin. KM

  • Prism booties:  When normal slippers won’t do, this is the HARDCORE WARMTH version. PJ

  • Comfy clothes: Super loving this blanket-soft cardigan + this wrap, cozy knits from Aerie, this jogger set from ThirdLove and these organic cotton joggers from Coyuchi. KM

  • Stretchy pants: Athleta’s Powervita leggings are DIVINE, and Alala has some really nice high-end leggings/joggers if you’re looking to upgrade. KM

  • Wool socks: Keep my constantly cold feet warm all winter long (this brand is my fave.) KM

Snacks & Drinks

  • Verve coffee: Their espresso made in my home espresso machine is better than 99% of the coffee you can buy at a coffee shop where I live. :P KM

  • Schar GF crackers: I eat cheese plates like every day and these gluten free crackers are better than most non-GF ones. KM

  • Aeropress: Makes really good coffee. PJ

  • Mama’s Stoen’s: This GF brownie mix is hands-down the best ever. KM

    For the sake of transparency, there are some referral links in the mix here, but know that we haven’t recommended anything here that we haven’t personally used/use on a daily basis. :)