I Helped Create an Online Course for Freelancers!

Short version: Over the summer, I helped re-vamp The Creative Class, Paul Jarvis’s course on the business side of freelancing. And it’s now open--for 10 days only. We also just kicked off a podcast we recorded for it, with 11 different freelancing-related topics covered in each episode.

Long version: I took The Creative Class back in 2014 (when I was a year into freelancing) and it helped me do a lot of important things.

Things like: Finding a niche. Getting processes in place for more efficient client onboarding. Implementing a strategy for raising my rates.
 In short, it changed my business. Since taking the course, I’ve increased my income by an average of 50% year-over-year.
When Paul sent out an email asking for feedback on the course before he took a dive into re-working it for version 2.0, I responded. I asked for things like ready-to-use templates and email scripts. And I offered to help create those (with my writerly skills, and all).
Paul emailed me back and said, “Yeah. Let’s do it. And actually, I want to bring you in to add your insight to this course as well.”
 So we got to work. Over the summer, we re-wrote every lesson from scratch, created new templates and email scripts, and built a freelancing course that’s stronger and better than before (which I honestly didn’t think was possible).
 The course is finally open and closes again on Tuesday, October 17th. 
 Learn more about what all is included in the course right here.
 Any questions about the course? Join Paul and me for a live Q&A on October 11th at 12:00 p.m. CST.

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